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  • At homes: Allowing only one person to serve at home, while ensuring not moving between homes.
  • At the workplace: allowed only outside working hours.​​

  • Appoint an individual responsible for ensuring that all guidelines for physical distancing, infection, prevention and control and hygiene measures are implemented and monitored for compliance.  

  • Maintain 1.5 m minimum distance between people (staff and customers) at all times.
  • Where practical, use physical barriers between staff and customers.
  • Use floor markings to maintain physical distancing.

  • Etheraz App to be downloaded by all staff.  Check that the health status is green each day before work.
  • Establish health screening protocols for workers at the start of each shift (temperature and symptoms screening).
  • Staff must undergo regular COVID-19 testing.​
  • Workers with COVID-19 symptoms should not be at work. 
  • Limit the number of staff allowed simultaneously in break rooms (physical distancing 1.5m, or allow 9 m2 per person).
  • Stagger shifts and breaks to reduce number of opportunities for staff to congregate and maintain 1.5m physical distancing in staff areas.
  • Sick leave regulations should be followed strictly for any staff who develop symptoms as well as during quarantine and isolation periods.

  • Masks to be worn by staff at all times.
  • Staff handling food should wear masks and gloves and should know how to properly use and dispose of them properly.  
  • Staff to use gloves when handling tools that have been used by other people and dispose of them properly.
  • Instruct the staff to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Limit contact time between staff and clients.
  • Provision of personal hand sanitizer for all the staff.
  • Promote hand hygiene practices.
  • Use technology solutions where possible– mobile ordering (by phone/online/contactless payment options)
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize equipment and cutlery. Focus on high-contact areas that would be touched by both staff and clients.    
  • All regularly touched surfaces should be disinfected regularly using standard disinfection products.
  • Avoid all food contact surfaces when using disinfectants.
  • For hospitality events, design layout for seating to ensure 2m between tables. Limit to 5 people per table.

  • Food must be plated in individual portions.  No buffet or self-service food to be offered.  Staff wearing masks and gloves to serve all food.  
  • Ensure all employees refresh their food handling certification and change gloves frequently.
  • Do not use multi-use condiment, salt, pepper and sauce bottles and replace with single use packets.
  • Change, wash and sanitize utensils frequently. Consider individual hand sanitizer wipes on the tables.
  • Bowls of nuts, chocolates, etc, should not be permitted unless served in individual servings (sharing is a transmission risk).
  • Tablecloths and seat covers should be cleaned and disinfected after each event.
  • All regularly touched surfaces to be disinfected before and after food service.
  • Use bottled water, no water fountains or dispensers permitted.
  • Please refer to the Restaurants Guidance for more details.

  • Please refer to the MOPH Guidance for Environmental Cleaning In Non-Healthcare Facilities in Relation To Covid-19.


  • Schedules for essential services, maintenance and contractor visits can be revised to reduce interaction and overlap between people (for example, carrying out services at night). Whenever shift or teams are working, maintain the same staff in each teams or shift groups so that where contact is unavoidable, this happens between the same people.
  • Maintain records of staff rosters for each shift/day to enable contact tracing if needed.
  • Stagger shifts and breaks to reduce number of opportunities for staff to congregate. 


  • Local agency managers should be notified at least 24 hours before arrivals of the new employees and arrange for their arrivals and Quarantines.
  • ​Clear procedures must be taken to regulate the arrival of new employees coming from abroad . the employer is responsible for ensuring the booking of quarantine before new employees travel and covering the cost of the quarantine.
  • All new employees coming from abroad should be tested negative for COVID-19 disease within 48 hours before entering the country.
  • The PCR test certification need to be issued by hospital/clinics in the country of the origin that are endorsed by MOPH.
  • On arrival, staff will be subject to thermal scanning and interview for COVID-19 symptoms and staff with symptoms will be managed according to MOPH guidelines.
  • Necessary measures should be taken to ensure following MOPH protocol for testing and quarantine
  • Etheraz App to be downloaded by all staff and new employees arriving from abroad. 
  • Check that the health status is green each day before work.
  • All the quarantined staff are not allowed to leave designated quarantine place till completing the period.
  • Refusal of COVID-19 PCR testing will result in dismissal from work.
  • All preventive precautions related to physical distancing, infection prevention and control must be adhered to​ in the workplace, residence, place of training, events, exhibitions, and any other workplace.
  • For any further information please visit the MOPH website for Qatar's Travel and Return Policy during COVID-19  


  • Keep staff and customers updated on COVID-19 safety and prevention information and guidelines. 
  • Emphasis that protecting public health is paramount.  Use MoPH health messages and materials.  
  • Let customers know what steps you are taking to keep them safe.
  • Food handlers are trained regarding the risk of virus and bacteria and how to avoid the transmission of the infection.
  • Remind customers of physical distancing requirements.
  • Educate all staff of importance of frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizers and clear instruction not to touch eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Promote virtual training and if training is done in person, follow MOPH Guidelines to ensure compliance with all COVID-19 precautions particularly compliance to running education and training regulations. 


  • Transport staff to and from accommodations in batches. Ensure a minimum physical distance of 1.5 m between passengers at all times, with all passengers and drivers wearing protective masks and gloves. Further, disinfect all vehicles after each trip.
  • The accommodation of housekeeping staff should follow the MOPH guidelines for camps and workers accommodation standards. “Craft and Manual Workers Camps Regulation”
  • The camp and accommodation rooms, should not be fully occupied and at least 25% of the overall camp rooms shall be allocated to contingency planning including COVID-19 management facilities.
  • Ensure daily disinfection of common areas and strict social/ physical distancing measures in employee accommodations.  Preventive measures should be taken as well in staff canteen (physical distancing & wearing PPE).


  • Vulnerable groups advised to remain at home.
  • Staff with chronic conditions should not be at work.​

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COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19
COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19