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  • Gatherings in parks, beaches and the corniche are allowed with no capacity restriction.​

  • Individuals must download the Etheraz app, and the status must be green.
  • Avoid physical contact, e.g., hugging, handshakes, etc.​
  • Avoid spitting.
  • Exercising is not advised when the body temperature is 38 degrees or above or if COVID-19 symptoms are present (see MOPH website for details).
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue, or if not available into the elbow. Dispose of the tissue paper in the waste bins.
  • Public toilets to open with thorough cleaning between customers.
  • Avoid touching animals and birds.​
  • Avoid touching surfaces.​
  • Avoid crowded places and crowded parking.
  • Maintain general hygiene and dispose of masks, gloves and waste in the containers designated for them.​

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COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19
COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19