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  • Maintain personal, rental, excursion/touristic boats with max 50% capacity.
  • Max. 40 people (only 5 of which can be unvaccinated).
  • All staff must be vaccinated.

  • Masks to be worn by employees and clients at the rental point and during the cruise.
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette should be adhered to at all times.
  • Ehteraz App to be downloaded by all renting company’s employees and customers, and a process should be in place for the management of the health status checks daily. The health status should be green to allow entrance.
  • Employees must undergo regular testing as per MOPH guidance (with the exception of those who have been vaccinated and employee who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 12 months).
  • Boats, including the equipment and surfaces, should be cleaned and disinfected prior, and after use.
  • It is mandatory to provide cleaning and disinfection materials on the boats.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect commonly touched objects and surfaces like the gates or the fuel pump.
  • Ensure cleaning and disinfecting toilets between use
  • Ensure the availability of facilities for handwashing/ or hand sanitizing is maintained on the boat and at the rental company.
  • Handwashing or hand sanitizing before and after boarding/ unboarding the boat/ sea cruiser is recommended.
  • Staff showing any signs of COVID-19 should stay home and follow MOPH protocol.
  • If staff are present on the boat, ensure that the same infection prevention and control measures are applied to them as guests.

  • Maintain at least 1 m between people at any point in time on the boat, waiting at the marina or when fueling the boat. ​
  • Refrain from rafting up with other boats.
  • Beaching up the boat next to others should be avoided.
  • Limit the contact with others on the way to and from the marina.

  • Keep staff and visitors updated on COVID-19 safety and prevention information and guidelines.
  • Use MOPH awareness messages and materials.

  • No food to be served.
  • Bottled water only​

  • Ensure that waste bins with covers are available and distributed adequately on the boat.

  • Family members above the age of 60 are advised not to be on board.
  • Employees with chronic conditions should be advised not to be onboard.​​

  • COVID-19 recovered patients who have been infected in the last 12 months are entitled the same privileges as vaccinated individuals.

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COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19
COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19