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  • Metro services and public transport services to operate at full capacity​

  • Appoint an individual responsible for ensuring that all guidelines for physical distancing, infection prevention and control, and hygiene measures are implemented and monitored.

  • Etheraz App to be downloaded by all staff, drivers, and passengers. Entry to stations or buses will only be allowed for those with a green health status.
  • Masks must be worn by all staff, drivers and passengers to allow entry.

  • Alter job descriptions of staff to include routine cleaning and disinfection procedures​
  • Prepare a log of staff at stations and their working hours during the day.
  • Providing buses, trains and stations with hand sanitizers at entrances.
  • Ensure that drivers and station workers are given mandatory training with instructions on how to deal with suspected cases of COVID-19 and ways to report them, and the importance of compliance with precautions.​
  • Equipping buses with plastic isolation barriers for drivers to keep them safe from direct contact with passengers.​
  • All public transport must be cleaned and disinfected to Qatar Clean Program checklist and MOTC certified before being put into service. 
  • Masks to be worn by staff and passengers at all times
  • Hand sanitizer available to all staff and passengers at entry and exits to stations/buses.  Encourage passengers to use it on entry (ensure supplies at all times)​
  • Public toilets to be cleaned and disinfected between customers. Supervision required.​
  • Ensure that the stairs and elevators of the stations are cleaned and disinfected every day before closure with regular disinfectants, particularly hand rails and ticket machines, and other frequently touched surfaces​
  • Encourage staff and passengers to follow respiratory etiquette including by using  a tissue, or sleeve at the elbow, when coughing or sneezing. Remind them to dispose of tissue paper properly after use.​
  • Remind staff and passengers to avoid touching the nose, mouth and eyes as much as possible.​
  • Keep a housekeeping log of the cleaning and disinfection times of buses, trains and stations.​
  • Maintain good ventilation inside the metro/bus and open the windows when possible.  Refer to MOPH HVAC Guidance.​
  • If a case is suspected amongst staff, the protocols adopted by the Ministry of Public Health must be applied.​
  • Provide an isolation room at transit/station areas for any staff or passenger who feels unwell, and contact the health authorities.

  • Communications at entry, on vehicles, at ticket machines and barriers to provide awareness messages on how to stay safe. ​
  • Use MOPH health messages and materials.
  • Transport operators to emphasize that protecting public health is paramount
  • Encourage passengers to consider travel outside peak times.​
  • Ensure passengers are aware of the need to follow the instructions and stickers for the seats and oblige all passengers to sit in their seats throughout the journey and not to stand or move around unnecessarily during the journey.

  • ​​Refer to MOPH Restaurants Guidance

  • Refer to MOPH Shopping Malls Guidance

  • Book tickets online in advance or use contactless payment.  Avoid using cash if possible.​
  • Provide sanitizer next to ticket machines.

  • Adults over 60 and those who suffer from chronic conditions are advised not to use public transport
  • Staff with chronic conditions are advised not to work on public transport, and work at home where possible.​

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COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19
COVID-19 Services Assistant خدمة المساعدة الخاصة بكوفيد-19