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​​Qatar’s Travel and Return Policy during COVID-19

As part of the State of Qatar’s plans for the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed to respond to COVID-19 pandemic, the previously announced travel and return policy was reviewed. It was agreed to continue the implementation of the same policy with minor amendments effective on, 22nd October. The policy includes the following:

COVID-19 Green List

As the State of Qatar continues to implement its travel and return policy, the following COVID-19 Green List has been updated to include the following counties based on public health indicators in Qatar and around the world, effective on Thursday, 22 October. The list will be reviewed and updated regularly.

​S​​​ No.​


Health Centers

​Brunei Darussalam
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A. Hong Kong SAR – China
B. Macau SAR – China ​
New Zealand 
6​ ​Malaysia 
South Korea 
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​United Kingdom 
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Russian Federation


Q1. Which countries can I travel to and undergo home quarantine on return?

A. Travelers returning from one of the countries on the COVID-19 Green List are eligible for home quarantine.

Q2. How long must I undergo home quarantine on my return from a country included in the COVID-19 Green List?

A. You must undergo at least seven days of home quarantine following your return to Qatar. 

Q3. Will I be tested during my period of home quarantine?

A. Yes. You will be tested at one of the health centers on the 6th day of home quarantine.

Q4. Are there any requirements or rules for home quarantine?​

A. Yes, there are Ten Rules of Home Quarantine that you must adhere to: 

  1. ​​​You must have a suitable housing condition with the availability of your own room and linked bathroom.
  2. You must sign an undertaking to abide by the rules of home-based quarantine.
  3. You must watch a short video on the home quarantine measures and read the Home Quarantine Booklet.
  4. You must apply preventive measures at home to protect others.
  5. You must have a swab test on day 6 after your arrival back to Doha at one of the PHCC healthcare centers.
  6. You must answer the phone calls from the public health team during your home quarantine.
  7. You must agree to receive a visit from the public health team every 2 to 3 days.
  8. You must inform the public health team if you develop any symptoms (fever, cough, body aches, change in taste or smell)
  9. You must download the Ehteraz app. 
  10. You should not receive visitors while under home quarantine.

Q5. Will my Ehteraz status change when I return from travel?

A. Yes. Upon arrival back to Doha, you are required to download Ehteraz app on your mobile. Your health status on Ehteraz will change to Yellow within a few hours from arrival, which means that you are under quarantine.

Your Ehteraz status will remain Yellow for the full duration of the Quarantine (either 7 days for the COVID-19 Green Listed countries or 14 days for the other countries that are not included in the list), even if you do the swab test on day 6, and your result is negative, your Ehteraz will remain Yellow until you have completed the full quarantine course, which is the midnight of the last day of quarantine.

Note that if you do your swab test earlier than your scheduled day, even if the result is negative, your health status on Ehteraz will remain Yellow, and you will need to repeat the swab test.

Q6. Do I have to test for COVID-19 at Hamad International Airport if I have traveled to one of the COVID-19 Green listed countries and had a test in one of the MOPH approved testing centers?  

A. No. If you have been tested at an approved MOPH COVID-19 testing center, you will not require a test on arrival at Hamad International Airport. You should present your COVID19-free certificate to the Medical officers at the Airport and begin your 7-days period of home quarantine.

Q7. ​Is there any documentation that I must complete on my return to Qatar?​

A. Yes. Qatari and Permanent Residency holders and their families must complete and sign a Health Assessment Form on arrival to Hamad International Airport, the filled form must be submitted to the Medical team.​

Q8. If I traveled from one of the other countries, can I book directly with a hotel?

A.No. You will need to make your booking directly through the “Discover Qatar"  website for a stay at an approved quarantine hotel.​

Q9. Can I travel to the State of Qatar without applying for an "Entry Permit" or booking a hotel quarantine?

A. For the “Exceptional Entry Permit”, Residents will not be able to board a flight to Qatar without it, while Citizens, GCC Citizens, and Permanent Residency holders do not require a permit to enter the State of Qatar.

For Hotel Quarantine booking, travelers from the countries not included in the COVID-19 Green List should have a confirmed 7 days hotel quarantine reservation, except the vulnerable group listed in Q13.

Q10. If I have already had a positive test for COVID-19, can I travel?

A. No. Once you have recovered and tested negative, you can travel.

Q11. Where can I find more information about hotel quarantine packages and their reservations?

A. You can get more information by visiting the "Discover Qatar" website.​​

Q12. Can I undergo home quarantine if I travel to a country that is not on the COVID-19 Green List?

A. No. However, if you are among the vulnerable group detailed in the answer to the next question, then you are exempted from the hotel quarantine, and eligible for home quarantine for two weeks (14 days). You can also visit one of the countries included in the COVID-19 Green List for a week before entering the State of Qatar to be eligible for one-week home quarantine. Otherwise, you are hotel quarantined for a week, tested, then home quarantined for a week if tested negative.  To be updated with the list of MOPH approved COVID-19 testing centers, please visit the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH)​ website.

Q13. Are there any exemptions from hotel quarantine for people returning from countries, not on the low-risk list?

A. ​​Yes. The following vulnerable group returning from travel (Qatari and Residents) and their immediate family members living in the same household, including their domestic helpers returning with them, are eligible for home quarantine: 

  1. Persons aged 55 years old and above.
  2. Recipients of an organ or bone marrow transplant.
  3. Patients with hypertension who are on treatment.
  4. Patients with conditions that require immune-suppressive treatment.
  5. Patients with heart failure or coronary artery disease.
  6. Patients with moderate to severe asthma.
  7. Cancer patients with metastasis and those on treatment (Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy).
  8. Pregnant women (any trimester).​
  9. Nursing mothers with children aged 0-5 years.
  10. Patients with End-Stage Renal Failure (ESRD) or on dialysis.
  11. Patients with CLD (Chronic Liver Disease) and decompensation.
  12. Patients with lower-limb amputations.
  13. People with disabilities where they are dependent on others for their activities of daily living.
  14. Children with disabilities and their mothers.
  15. Patients with epilepsy and on treatment.
  16. Patients with diabetic foot infections.
  17. People with deceased first degree relatives in the last 10 days.
  18. People with mental health problems on antipsychotic medications and whose condition is aggravated by staying in closed spaces
  19. Diabetic patients on treatment.​​
  20. Minor travelers (below 18 years old) traveling without an accompanied guardian​.

Q14. Is the medical condition stated in the application verified?

A. Yes. The request is reviewed by a medical team to ensure that the information is accurate by checking the resident's medical file to decide if he/she is eligible for a home or hotel quarantine. The same applies to travelers who fill their Health Assessment Form before arrival to the Airport.​

Q15. Are Children under 5 tested for COVID-19?

A. Yes. 

Q16. What are the appropriate housing conditions for the home quarantine? What if the house is not suitable? And will the housing condition be checked?

A. The house should have a separate room with an ensuite bathroom. If the house is not suitable for home quarantine, then the individual should book one of the hotel quarantine packages via the "Discover Qatar" website. The housing condition will not be checked; however, the individual will sign a Home Quarantine undertaking that their house condition complies with the requirements.

Q17. Are children older than 5 exempted from hotel quarantine, if their mother was eligible for home quarantine?

A. Yes. The vulnerable group returning from travel and their immediate family members living in the same household are eligible for home quarantine.​

Q18. Is the father exempted from hotel quarantine, if his wife is pregnant and has children under 5?

A. Yes. The vulnerable group returning from travel and their immediate family members living in the same household are eligible for home quarantine.

Q19. Can a resident from one of the other countries travel to one of the countries included in the COVID-19 Green List for testing and then to Qatar to be exempted from testing at the Airport?

A. Yes, provided that the resident stays one week minimum at the Green listed country and get a COVID19-free certificate not exceeding 48 hours from the traveling date.

Q20. Where can I find the list of MOPH approved COVID-19 testing centers in each country?

A. The list of MOPH approved COVID-19 testing centers is announced and published by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) website and the Civil Aviation Authority.​

Q21. Is COVID-19 testing at Hamad International Airport with fees?

A. No, it is free of charge.

Q22. Why are some countries not listed in the COVID-19 Green List, although they have little to no confirmed cases?

A. The COVID-19 Green List is developed based on the international criteria adopted by the European Union (EU), and the World Health Organization (WHO). The list is reviewed periodically.​

Q23. Can a resident who has the nationality of one of the countries included in the COVID-19 Green List and is arriving from one of the other countries be home quarantined?

A. No. The decision for which type of quarantine to apply depends on the country of travel, not the individual nationality.

Q24. Who is eligible for "Entry Permit"?

A. Residents require "Entry Permit" to return to the State of Qatar.

Q25. Does Qatari and Permanent Residency holders require "Entry Permit" to return to the country?

A. No. This service is for Residents who are QID holders.

Q26. Where can I get more information about the "Entry Permit"?

A. For more information about the "Entry Permit, visit the "Qatar Portal" website.

Q27. Is the entry permit mandatory to enter the State of Qatar?

A. Yes, all residents must apply for an entry permit in advance through Qatar Portal before booking a flight.​

Q28. Who is authorized to apply for an "Entry Permit"? Can residents apply for an "Entry Permit" themselves?

A. The employer is the one authorized to apply for the resident's entry permit. For family members, If the sponsor is in the country, he/she can apply for an entry permit for his/her family members directly through Qatar Portal. However, if he/she is outside the country, then they must request the exceptional entry permit from his/her employer first. Only after obtaining the permit, the sponsor can apply for his/her family members through Qatar Portal.

Q29. When can non-residents visit the State of Qatar (family visit, Visit visa, Work visa)? Can tourists visit the State of Qatar?

A. To be updated with information concerning issuing of visas, visit the "Qatar Portal" website.

Q30. What about the quarantine policy for the domestic workers and company-sponsored workers (manual and craft workers)?

A. Domestic workers and company-sponsored workers (manual and crafts workers) can be quarantined in Mekaines Motel or any of the listed hotels on the “Discover Qatar” website for 14 days. 

Q31. Why is the domestic workers and company-sponsored workers (manual and crafts workers) quarantine for 14 days while the other residents quarantine at a hotel for 7 days only?

A. Workers live in shared accommodation where others who are not in quarantine live, which makes it difficult for them to continue their quarantine period at home. Therefore, they are quarantined for 14 days in one of the quarantine facilities assigned by the government. For more information about quarantine facilities booking, visit the "Discover Qatar" website.​


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COVID-19 Self-Assessment التقييم الذاتي لفيروس كورونا
COVID-19 Self-Assessment التقييم الذاتي لفيروس كورونا